Good bye to cash and credit cards

Good bye to cash and credit cards

Samsung, Apple and Google ready their systems so the public can pay with their smartphones in a very comfortable way with all safety assurances. The fact that the growing power of smartphone usage above all devices will drive phone payments this year. This technology is one of the top priorities of the biggest companies such as Samsung. Phone payment will revolutionize consumption that will lead to forget once and for all about cash and credit car.

The goal is extending to the west world safe payment platforms that have been working with NFC technology for years in Japan, a country in which society has fully assimilated this technology and their platforms. At the moment, Apple as well as Google or Samsung are developing and launching their own platforms. 

South korean firm has already launched it in their own country and in USA, as for the next launching the targets are China, United Kingdom, and Spain; this will be possible through an intuitive and pre-installed software present in both S6 Edge+ and Note5. This software is surprising for its simplicity, the user can swipe up and put his or her fingerprint, also it is surprising for its universality because it will be useful in any business that allows payment through credit cards.  

Regarding Spain telecom operators such as Movistar, Orange and Vodafone are doing everything in their power to keep up with this revolution. These last campaigns are supported by a specific SIM card that include all our data and that will become our signature. Its job consists in guaranteeing a safe use in stores and shops, that will include phone payment with the new adapted device.  This technology has been launched as pilot projects in public transport network in Valencia. 

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